A brief guide is available in-game when you use the command /guide


Play with your friends and share progress. You can choose if you want to be peaceful or if you want to participate in raiding with other clans.
To get started you write /clan in-game.


Protect your builds with claims. A claim is an area that can either belong to a private player or a clan. To create a claim you select 2 corners with a golden shovel.


Add friends so they get access to your claims. By adding friends they can build, destroy and open chests in the claims that you created.
Type /friend in-game to add and remove friends.


Collect and use unique special items that have many different rarities.
Type /items to see which items are available from lootboxes and bosses.


Drops are a fair way for players to pick up items dropped by bosses and monsters that automatically will roll the die where the highest number wins. To participate in a drop you need to stand on the dropped item.


Sell ​​farmable items to make money. To sell you entire inventory you can write /sellall and to sell special items you can write /sell
Type /value to see what items are worth.


Advance your experience in the game by increasing your level. Levels gives you different types of benefits in the game.
Type /levels to see what level you are at and what benefits you've unlocked.


In the shop you can buy construction materials, food and lootboxes. When players buy something the price goes up a bit, then decrease with time.
Type /shop to open the shop.


Show off your progress for everyone with a title in the chat. You can only display one title at a time, but you can choose any of the titles you have received.
Type /title to select a title, and /titles to see all titles available.


Monster increases in severity based on leveln as players near the. It is 25% chance that you get as much money as the monster's level when you kill it.
Zones also generates various new structures in the world as a monster spawner to loot and flying airships.


Fight hard invaders and other bosses in the rifts that spawns near a randomly selected player. Also, a Mega Rift spawns in The End with a 2 hour cooldown, but beware, they can also flee down into the end-portal!


Kill the sheep to get special items where the color of the sheep will determine what rarity of items you can expect to find.


Bet your money on roulette and try to win more money.
Type /roulette to open the menu.


Fight bosses and difficult monsters in dungeons with other players in a party. To go into a dungeon you need a Dungeon token available to buy in /shop .
Used /dg menu to open the menu where you can invite players to your party and teleport to the Dungeon.


Jump your way through a path to make money.
Type /warp parkour and right-click on the sign at the beginning of an arena to begin.


Fight against other players and be the last survivor. In chests around the arena, you can find special items that can give you the advantage to win.
Type /hg join hg1 to join the first stage.


Send an exchange proposals on an object to another player for a sum of money in exchange.
To send an offer type /trade spelare summa when holding the item you want to change.


Place an object in the auction so anyone can make a bid or buy the item.
To create a new auction type /auc sell when holding the object.
To see all the auctions, write /auc . You can also search for specific objects /auc search föremål
Auctions are also visible in discord and authenticated users can purchase items by responding to the message.


Via discord so you can read the chat and if you have verified you You can also write and apply for staff. Here you can also read about the latest updates and discuss anything related to the server.
Type /discord link inside the game to get the link to our discord.


Vote for the server to get the money and Vote Points. It also makes so other players can find the server.
Type /vote to open the menu where you can buy things and get link where you can vote.


Sort your coffers with the sort command.
Type /sortchest When you look at a coffin to sort it.


You can teleport while sitting on a horse, and you can even teleport with animals you have on a leash. You can even take the saddle on a pig.


When you right-click on fully grown crops with a hoe they are harvested and planted again.


When you chop a tree the entire tree falls.
To turn this off you can write /timber toggle


When you hit a monster the healthbar shows how much HP the monster has left and how much you dealt with the weapon.
You can turn this on and off with /hb


In the tab list, you can see information about your clan, coordinates and information about claimen you are in.


Our anti-cheating can detect x-ray and other types of fraud and ensures that the rules are followed. MWAC also prevents the use of farms that produce more material than is imagined in vanilla.


Our web-system ensures that punished players be punished for an infraction. We also follow a protocol so that everyone is treated fairly.