Welcome to Mineworlds!

Our server, there are many different things you can occupy yourself with. The server is focused on survival, where you as a player can sell, buy and find things that you can use in order to handle the more difficult monsters. Harder monsters are based on both your level and are also in unique dungeons built by us.

If you're focused on PvP, you can team up with other players and create a clan, then fight and raid other clans.
For those not interested in monsters and PvP there are private Claims. They protect your builds and makes you invisible to monsters.

In the guide there is information in more detail about what to do on the server.


Our server has always had the goal to push the boundaries of what is possible to develop with Spigot and Minecraft. All content beyond vanilla, in the form of plugins are developed and maintained by us which allows you as a player can help shape the future development of the server. We always listen to players' suggestions and it is the foundation of our development.

The goal is that you as a player will be able to enjoy and have fun on a server that will always remain.


Mineworlds is a Swedish Minecraft community founded 2011 and then developed with each Minecraft Update.
Historically, the server always reset at every major update, because we are always on the latest update.

Other questions

Do you have any questions about the server or what you can do on it you can contact our staff at Discord or in the game. We never hesitate to answer your questions or help you in the right direction.