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Because the applications go through Discord now you must have verified your Discord account, you will find information on how to do it here.
Your Minecraft name will be automatically included in the application so you do not write it.

Roles you can apply for:

Build landscapes and buildings that are used on the server. For example, a spawn area or a new dungeon.
Requires a construction Test, to see that what is built is relevant and is something we can use to.

Sets up and help new players and can answer questions about server.
Requires that you have good knowledge of the server and commands.

Keeps order of the server and gives penalty for players who do not comply with the rules.
Requires that you can take good decisions in situations where someone breaks our rules, and that you qualify for Support.

Designing logos, pictures, videos, and more. Graphical design.
Requires you to design relevant logos / images based on requirement specification.

Focuses on technological development. Among other Java Programming, Web Development and Plugins.
Requires you to create Java plugins based on a specification.

Test the new features along with developers and provide feedback and suggestions for improvement.
Requires good knowledge of testing plugins, websites or applications as well as being able to have good contact with a developer.

Applications require a verified Discord account.