Update 2

Clans (Version 1.8.2)

Container (Containers) in clan claims are now stored, opening up new opportunities for raiding.
A person raid can for example get information on how many coffins available, as well as how much loot is worth in dollars.
This makes it easier to know if it is worthwhile to attempt to raid or not.
In future updates, this will make it possible to run PvP battles for loot and money in klanclaims!

Clans are now also better stability in preparation for Clans 2.0.
Clan Claim

Items (Version 1.5.29)

2 New Artifacts have been added, and a Moneybag, more about this further down.
Ranger bow is now on-hit effects on all 3 arrows.

Shops (Version 1.3.1)

The price of a regular lootbox is now $200 instead of $250, and the cooldown on all lootboxes are now 3 minutes instead of 15.
Superlootbox and Superlootbox Rare + is now available as a replacement for several ordinary ones in the shop, they give 3 items at the same time, when you open them.


There is now the moneybag which is a physical item you can deposit and withdraw money from.
They will be useful for buying things, or to trade with other players.
Hold the moneybag and type /mb deposit summa to deposit, and /mb withdraw summa to take out.
Moneybag can be found from the usual lootboxes or from a rift.
Moneybag are uncommon without money, and as Mythical, which can come as a drop that have $100.000.