Update 4


We will introduce a world that never restarts, but before we can do that, we need to determine which version of Minecraft the world should be, either 1.14 or 1.13.2. vote here!

Submit suggestions!

We currently have no suggestions on our todo-list, so we would like to remind you that you can leave suggestions which improves the server!
Your opinions are incredibly important to us that develops the Server. Suggestions will be a way for us to develop the server forward with the player in focus.
It is also possible to submit suggestions on Discord.

Hungergames (4.0.1, Mineworlds Fork)

We have now reinstated the Hungergames on the server, right now with the arena “The Fallton” created by Edvisss.
Active developer of the plugin is ShaneBeee. Some changes are made to the code to customize the plugin for Mineworlds.
Please leave suggestions on the arenas you want us to add!

  • To go join /hg join hg1 – Or use the signs in spawn next to the dungeons.
  • Requires 3 players for the arena to start.
  • The arena has special items that are in the lootboxes to make the hungergames extra unique!
  • The reward for winning is $500 and a normal Super-lootbox.
  • Winners are logged in Discord.
Items (1.5.38)
  • Timekeeper of the tide can now set the time in the world and is consumed during use.
  • You can now see your Item Mastery, which is a score that corresponds to how good the current gear on the player is right now. The higher the score, the better. (/mastery)
    One can also see other players' mastery. Mastery opens up the ability to balance the dungeons and raids, depending on the player's mastery.
  • Moneybags can now be placed in the claims. They have a inventory where you can deposit and withdraw money.
    Access is given to those who can access the inventories in the claim.


Drops (1.3.3)
  • Mythical, Shadow and Artifact is now playing a sound when they are dropped by rifts and bosses.
Dungeons (1.1.5)
  • Raid 1 is now a little harder, because it is still possible to complete with few players.
  • Master Scyer now requires that you walk closer to the throne to spawn and now drops 1000 exp.
  • Dungeon 1 is a bit easier, and Lesser Shadow now drops common loot.
Rifts (1.1.1)
  • Rift spawns are now a little closer to players, because they could be hard to find before.
  • A bug where Rifts could spawn in the world spawn is now fixed.
Shops (1.3.2)
  • A button that makes it possible to buy a kit in the “Preview” is added.
    Kit preview
Clans (1.9.2)
  • Major improvements to the code before the release of Clans 2.0, and compatibility of Hungergames.
  • Money you get when you kill a player is now rounded, in order not to create many decimals in the balance.
Levels (1.1.3)
  • A bug for extra fish-drop when you are over level 10 in fishing is now fixed.
Claims (1.4.3)
  • You are no longer reminded to claim when placing lootboxes.
  • Performance optimizations for hoppers.