Update 6 (1.14)

Now that Minecraft 1.14 is released as approaching also the server's official release. Our development team will in the near future to focus on preparing for the official release. Much focus will be on getting all the plugins to work as good as possible with the new update, and to reach a more playable state. Because of this, your server's beta period will be extended until 1.14 is more stable.

Known issues

With a major update means that there are some features not working correctly. Under this heading we will update the known issues we already know about and does not need to be reported:

  • Monsters in the ordinary world have no levels. This is actively being fixed by MythicMobs.
  • poor performance. This is a known bug in 1.14 and our server computer must work hard to catch. Be prepared to crash, lag and more common on the server at the moment.
  • Hunger Games is off, then it does not work optimally in 1.14.
  • Dungeons is disabled when it is not functioning optimally in 1.14.
World that never resets

In the last vote 8 out of 10 thought that we should add a world that never resets, with version 1.14. This world will be added with Update 7.
Since clans are used and maintained in the ordinary world, you will not be able to raid in the new world. Everything else will be shared, except that you can not bring things from the ordinary world into the new, this is to prevent that you hide loot that have been stolen during a raid.

What happens to the old server?

The old server will remain as a separate server with version 1.13.2. Maintenance of this version of the server will stop. The webshop, Forum link, Discord functions and Votes will be removed, because these functions are moved to 1.14.

At the moment 1.13.2 will be available on IP: mineworlds.eu as long as there are active players there.
If the decision to shut down this version the world will be available for download for private use.

Changes in plugins (1.14)
  • Shops now have dynamic pricing for kits, categories and items. When a player buys an item, the price increase by 5%, and then drops with 5% after 15 minutes. There is also a chance that a specific item is reset completely every 15: minutes. The price drops only if there are players on the server.
  • The clans have now obtained the same level-curve as Levels which makes it harder to level up the clan.
  • When the clan levels so you get now money directly into the clan bank.
  • Clans can now change its name once a month with /cl rename <name>.
  • Exp that drops when you have KeepInv is now fixed.