Update 7 (1.14.1)

The server is now updated to 1.14.1 which to some extent have fixed the performance problems that have existed since the update to 1.14.
Many optimizations are also made in our own plugins. We aim to also upgrade our server computer at the end of the week, which means that we are waiting with some features that were scheduled to be released this update.

The End and monster spawns are now restored.

New world
  • To be released in update 8.
  • To be released in update 8.
  • A number of problems with raiding is now fixed.
  • You can now place scaffolding when raiding, which means that SkyBases now are allowed as there is a way up.
  • Raid status is now applied when you place the blocks during a raid.
  • There is also a 15 seconds cooldown on placement of blocks for all members of the clan during a raid, this in order to make walls more useful.
  • Problems with cost for /map <claimid> is now fixed.
  • You can now track another clan's most expensive claim with /map <klannamn> This costs 5 Track Tokens.
  • It is now more difficult to get Shadow Items in Dungeons.
  • Bridge Guard in Raid 1 now has more HP.
  • dungeon1 and dg1_easy now have a brighter lobby.
  • Spawn position in dg1_easy is now fixed.
  • A bug where old instances were not removed is now fixed.
  • There now is a 30 secounds cooldown for items and kits in the shop.
  • It now takes 30 minutes for the price to decrease instead of 15 minutes.
  • The price of lootboxes is increased.
  • There are 3 new parkour-arenas at /warp parkour.
  • When you have started the timer in a parkour all other players become invisible.
  • The different arenas now have unique colors in the discord log.
  • The Incinerator is now iron instead of diamond.
  • Unknown sets are now diamond instead of iron.
  • Tradeup is no longer possible with the damaged items.
  • Mythical Moneybag now only gives $50k instead of $100k.
  • You can now see what everything is worth in /value
  • You can now sell 10 new things. (Bamboo, Wither Rose,Inc Sac, and more)
  • If you earn more than $5000 per hour the income is halved during that hour. If you earn more than $10000 you get only one third of the income during that hour. This is done to balance the new things that you can sell.
  • One can no longer harm players if you stand inside a private claim that you do not belong to.
  • Fixed problems with claims that could be created in The End and Nether.
  • You can no longer trample farmland in protected claims.
  • You can no longer destroy or place blocks nearby a Rift.
  • A bug where the rift could disappear while you are waiting for the boss is fixed.
  • The party is now rewarded with $100/level per Member in addition to that you get for kill the boss.
  • The spawn is now much closer to the player to make it easier to find.
  • You will now get regular exp for using a hoe when farming. You will also receive regular exp for chopping down trees when you are over level 10.
  • Timber can now be turned on and off per player with /timber toggle
  • Sorting containers now works on the new block types in 1.14.
  • It is now more difficult to get good items in Lootboxes.
  • AFK-farming have been debated internally and a decision was taken that we will not allow that you stand AFK for longer periods without having to interact with the game. So this means that it is allowed to stand still as long as you can confirm that you still have the opportunity to see the chat and interact with the game. MWAC will now kick players who are AFK, and can not confirm that they are still in the game. This is mainly because we do not want to reward AFK farming, but instead reward active play that contribute to a good community.