Update 8 (1.14.3)

The server is now updated to 1.14.3.
Note that you can see updates being made in real time on our Trello!

Auctions 2.0

  • Auctions are now completely rewritten and has support for bidding on items.
  • You can now use the menus to list a new auction.
  • It will now be notified when someone is selling in the Auction. /auc notify to turn on or off.


  • new regulations apply now in The End and the Nether. These areas are seen as neutral zones where PvP is allowed. One can not claima there and unnecessary griefing is not allowed.

Changes Vanilla

  • Ender dragon has now 400HP instead of 200HP. It also 75% chance to drop a dragon eggs when it is revived by End Crystals.
  • Only 50% of all players in the survival need to sleep for it to become day.
  • Mobs spawn no longer in 250 blocks near the spawn.
  • MWAC now prevent the use of farms that make the plant grow faster than vanilla is supposed.
  • Auto-save happening now with 15 minute intervals instead of 10 minutes.
  • Monster is now a little more unusual and cattle are a little more common.
  • Phantoms now have only 25% chance to spawn.


  • Dungeon Tokens are now required to enter an instance.
  • Bossars spawn is now marked with a circle of particle effects.
  • Trash Bosses no longer need to be killed to end a dungeon.
  • Larger bosses now serves as a respawn-checkpoint inside the Dungeon 1 and dungeon 1 easy.
  • Balancing made where bosses give more money and drops items instead of lootboxes.
  • Fixed a problem in the Dungeon 1 which made it possible to utilize the walls so as not to damage the boss.
  • The menu is enhanced and does not close when you click on some buttons.
  • You can now use /dg menu to open the menu


  • Several new Artifacts are now available. Even greater chance for drop in raid 1.
  • Two new crossbows added.
  • Armor stand with arms is now available as an uncommon drop.
  • Selected position Treasure Map is now better.
  • New items: Shulker Sentry Egg, Cursed Membrane.

Bosses (MythicMobs)

  • Master Scyer now have smaller particles in Raid 1 and heals now 50HP per second outside combat instead of 20HP.
  • Master Scyer is now more difficult to reach the goal of having more than one player to pass the boss and drops are super rare + lootboxes instead of ordinary Devices +.
  • A bug that created the lag with ChunkLoading is now fixed.


  • Teleporter can no longer cause you to die from falling through the world.
  • A bug where it died again and again if it fell out of the world are fixed.
  • KeepInv tokens will no longer be consumed if you do not have any items in their inventory when you die.
  • DeathTokens now works on a token in your inventory or in a death chest.
  • Optimizations for lootvalue the clan Claims are made.
  • The database is now once again linked to the home page.
  • Bug where you could not remove the whole clan has been eliminated.
  • Bug where you could get stuck in spectator mode when you die is fixed.
  • Bug where Potion effects are still there when you die is fixed.


  • Several new categories uploads.
  • Pilar is now available in Tools.


  • You can now buy “VotePick” “VoteSword” and exp for the vote points.


  • You can now sell the dragon eggs for $10000.
  • You can now sell Ghast Tear for $500.
  • Prices adjusted for the fish to better match how unusual they are.


  • Rifts now give more exp and money to kill.
  • Rifts despawnar nu om chunken unloadas, to improve performance.
  • Selected position spawns are now better.


  • Animals can now follow the player in private Claims.
  • Phantoms can no longer spawn in the Private Claims, and they are now killing.
  • Fixed problems with trapped chests were not protected in Claims.
  • You can now unclaima one's claim without being in it with /unclaim <id>


  • Drops particle effects disappear now if chunk unloadas, to improve performance.
  • Tradeup does not stop you anymore if you click on stacked items.
  • The name of the role-result is now displayed correctly.
  • Bug where you could not click in the slot 8 and 9 in tradeup is now fixed.


  • One can now only catch 10 fish in the same place before exp and extra drops stop given. It moves you on to get 3x more exp.


Because of continuing problems with performance 1.14 so we're still waiting to Hunger Games and the New World until the performance is rectified by Mojang.